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Keep Winter Cool

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Date: 13 June 2006

The message is pretty simple - if you want your grand kids to experience the joys of snow then "Keep Winter Cool" by doing everything you can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit the longer term impact of global warming.

Australian Alps National Parks program coordinator, Gill Anderson said today the "Keep Winter Cool" campaign is an initiative of a Coalition of groups with a mutual interest in spreading the word about global warming.

"A partnership has been forged between the Australian Ski Areas Association, the Alpine Resorts Coordinating Council and the Australian Alps Liaison Committee to raise awareness about green house gas emissions, global warming and potential loss of snow.

"Have you noticed the banner at the entrance to Bright? Or been handed a Keep Winter Cool card as you enter any of the alpine resorts around the Australian Alps?

"Keep your eyes and your mind open to the messages.

"Climate change and a reduction in green house gas emissions needs to be a key focus for visitors to the Australian Alps and the 'Keep Winter Cool' program will highlight simple but effective ways we can do this.

"While climate change is something that will affect us all, skiers, snowboarders and snowplayers are at the front line.

"The thrust of the Keep Winter Cool campaign is that the alpine industry can, and should, take a lead role in responding to the challenge of climate change.

"The approach being promoted in the Keep Winter Cool campaign was launched by Victoria's Minister for Environment, Mr John Thwaites, earlier in May this year.

"The 'Keep Winter Cool' initiative encourages all of those involved in snow sports, both individuals and businesses, to do their bit to minimise greenhouse gas emissions," she said.

Businesses are being asked to commit to a 'Keep Winter Cool' Charter and a range of materials have been produced to show what individuals can do to help. The 'Keep Winter Cool' website can be accessed at .

Ms Anderson said that it was a terrific resource for those who wanted to get involved.

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